University Classes with a Syllabus and Recorded Lectures

Below is a running list of semester-long university classes in psychology and neuroscience with open syllabi and video recordings. It's worth noting there are plenty more lectures available elsewhere online too. However, most either don't go together with syllabi (like videos on YouTube) or were never taught specifically to university students, in which case they may fall under this website's page dedicated to MOOCs.

Approaches to Study Neural Circuits in Behaving AnimalsAlbert Einstein College of MedicineAnita Autry and Lucas Sjulson2020
Introduction to NeuroscienceBard CollegeArseny Khakhalin2020
Sensation & PerceptionCarleton CollegeJulia Strand2020
Human MemoryDartmouth CollegeJeremy Manning2021
Storytelling with DataDartmouth CollegeJeremy Manning2021
The Human BrainMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyNancy Kanwisher2019
Introduction to Neural ComputationMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMichale Fee and Daniel Zysman2018
Introduction to PsychologyMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyJohn Gabrieli2011
Sensory SystemsMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyPeter H. Schiller and M. Christian Brown2013
Lab in Cognition and PerceptionNew York UniversityTodd Gureckis2021
Computational Models of the NeocortexStanford UniversityThomas Dean2021
Modeling the MindUniversity of ArizonaRobert C. Wilson2020
Computing with High-Dimensional VectorsUniversity of California, BerkeleyDenis Kleyko, Bruno Olshausen, Fritz Sommer, and Pentti Kanerva2021
Neural ComputationUniversity of California, BerkeleyBruno Olshausen2020
Computational Cognitive NeuroscienceUniversity of California, DavisRandall O’Reilly2020
Principles of Psychology and NeuroscienceUniversity of California, DavisRandall O’Reilly2020
Neuroscience OnlineUniversity of Texas Health Science Center at HoustonJohn H. Byrne
Data Science for PsychologistsWake Forest UniversityS. Mason Garrison2021
Psychological TestingWake Forest UniversityS. Mason Garrison2021
Introduction to PsychologyYale UniversityPaul Bloom2007
The Psychology, Biology and Politics of FoodYale UniversityKelly D. Brownell2008