Example Application Submissions

Unfortunately there aren't too many existing compilations of grant, fellowship, and job application submissions, but there are some! Hopefully they can help provide a template for your own future application.

NDSEG compilation of essaysA small list of essays for the NDSEG competition only from the 2019-2020 cycle so far; however, perhaps the largest public collection of such essays
NSF compilation of essays and reviewsAlex Lang build this popular spreadsheet that links to NSF GRFP essays and reviews from winners and non-winners alike
Open GrantsA list of submitted applications across grants, though there seems to be a tilt toward faculty members
Successful Job Applications and GrantsThe job and grants applications in this repository don't touch upon cognitive neuroscience, but they are nonetheless open which in of themselves makes them useful guides, regardless of their topic; and of course, more resources could always be added