Non Face, non Computer Vision, non Linguistics Stimuli

Object Categories for Children ages 4-6200 object images from distinct categories, 100 pairs of objects, differing at the exemplar level, 100 pairs of objects differing in their state level
Boundary Images used in Williams Syndrome fMRI experimentScene images with mat, curb, wall boundaries
Images with different navigational distanceScene images with near, middle, far distances to the back wall with glass wall (both fixed and variable distances), no glass wall, and curtain boundaries
Animacy x Size "Texforms"30 small animals, 30 big animals, 30 small objects, 30 big objects both in original and texform versions
Animacy x Size60 small animals, 60 big animals, 60 small objects, 60 big objects
Big and Small Objects200 big objects, 200 small objects
Action video clips2 video sets each of 60 everyday actions
"Massive Memory" Unique Object Images2400 object images from distinct categories, 200 pairs of objects, differing at the examplar level, 200 pairs of objects, differing in their state or pose
"Massive Memory" Object Categories200 object categories with 17 exemplars each, Perceptual & conceptual distinctiveness rankings, 240 more object categories with 1-16 examplars
"Massive Memory" Scene Categories128 scene categories with 1-64 exemplars
8 "Classic" Categories30 each of Bodies, Buildings, Cars, Cats, Chairs, Faces, Hammers, Phones
Scene Size x Clutter Database36 scene categories (12 exemplars each) along 6 levels of size: small to large, and 6 levels of clutter: empty to full
Scene Categories by SizeScene Categories by Size 18 Scene categories (16 exemplars each) along 6 levels of size: small to large
Object Size Range100 objects ranging in real-world size with corresponding size ranks
Object quartets: State x Exemplar and State x Color100 sets of 2 states x 2 exemplars, 100 sets of 2 states x 2 colors
Object Size StroopSample congruent and incongruent displays from two experiments
Continuous sequence of pure tones6 contrastive tone difference sound files ~80 seconds long each that elicit pupil dilation at the switch points between tones
International Picture Naming Database (IPNP)Black-and-white line drawings of 520 common objects (including 174 pictures from the Snodgrass & Vanderwart set and other sources.) and an additional 275 transitive and intransitive actions
MultiPicA standardized set of 750 drawings with multilingual norms
A Large Dataset of Object ScansMore than 10k 3D scans of real objects
Object Interaction Envelope Stimuli & Experiment Data360 object images
Memory Drawing Data And Scoring Experiments2,600+ drawings of scene images, LabelMe annotation data indicating the outlines of the objects in all the original scene stimuli.
THINGS object concept and object image databaseA database of 1,854 object concepts, 27 high-level categories, and more than 26,000 naturalistic object images
PhyloPic4000+ silhouette images of animals, plants, and other life forms
These Models Aren't Real (only some images available on free plan)25,000+ images of generative models
Strohminger Grotesque Art Database~475 artworks, with ratings on a variety of dimensions (liking, novelty, disgust, and so forth)
Strohminger Mirth and Elevation DatabaseNormed audio clips for inducing two positive emotions, mirth and moral elevation, along with neutral control clips
3D-Object Database714 images—up to 11 perspective views of 70 nameable objects
Action Database3-D coordinate-files and movie-files showing 22 fairly short, well delineated and visually "loopable" actions from various viewpoints
KTH-ANIMALS19 classes of different animals
The Geneva Affective Picture Database (GAPED)A 730 picture database for emotion induction
International Affective Picture System (IAPS)Pictures: 1196 Categories: Multiple, from furniture to complete scene, wide range of semantic categories. Normative ratings: Valence, arousal, and dominance
Nencki Affective Picture System (NAPS)Pictures: 1356 Categories: people, faces, animals, objects, and landscapes Normative ratings: Valence and arousal
Erotic subset of Nencki Affective Picture System (NAPS-ERO)Pictures: 200 Categories: opposite-sex couple (50), male couple (50), female couple (50), male (25) and female (25; Normative ratings: Valence and arousal
Set of Fear Inducing Pictures (NAPS-SFIP)Pictures: 886 Categories: Spiders, bugs, blood injection, fearful social exposure, angry faces Normative ratings: Fear, arousal and valence
Open Affective Standardized Image Set (OASIS)Pictures: 900 Categories: Animal, Object, Person, Scenery Normative ratings: Valence and arousal
Emotional Picture System (EmoPicS)Pictures: 378 Categories: Diverse social situations animals, and plants Normative ratings: Valence, excitement and complexity
Besançon Affective Picture Set-Adolescents (The BAPS-Ado) (aka The Attachment Picture Database (APD))Pictures: 93 Categories: Distress, comfort, joy-complicity and neutral Normative ratings: Valence, Arousal and dominance
EmoMadrid emotional pictures databasePictures: 700 Normative ratings: Valence and arousal
Military Affective Picture System (MAPS)Pictures: 240 Categories: Military Normative ratings: Valence, dominance, and arousal
Image Stimuli for Emotion Elicitation (ISEE)Pictures: 10 696 Categories: Pictures with emotional label and categorization from Flickr; Normative ratings: valence, arousal, dominance, and likeness
Open Library of Affective Food (OLAF)Pictures: 95 Categories: Food Normative ratings: pleasure, arousal, dominance, and food craving
The DIsgust-RelaTed-Images (DIRTI)Pictures: 240 Categories: food, animals, body products, injuries/infections, death, and hygiene; Normative ratings: disgust, fear, valence, and arousal
Human3.6M3.6 million 3D human poses and corresponding images; 11 professional actors (6 male, 5 female); 17 scenarios (discussion, smoking, taking photo, talking on the phone...)
Children's drawings338 scans of children's drawings of people: man, woman and self, age 3y9m to 8y8m
Manmade objects72 images of everyday objects such as kettle and torch
PCA images91 assorted pictures, used for PCA of natural images
The Famous Melodies Stimulus Set107 melodies
Ryerson Audio-Visual Database of Emotional Speech and Song (RAVDESS)7356 recordings, gender balanced consisting of 24 professional actors, vocalizing lexically-matched statements in a neutral North American accent
Hoosier Vocal Emotions Corpus1,763 audio files, split into 73 controlled audio pseudo-words uttered by two actresses in five different emotions (i.e., happiness, sadness, fear, anger, disgust) and in a neutral tone
DinoLab Object DatabaseNormative visual and semantic feature information on 1000 object images, selected to represent a wide range of real-world concepts organized by category