Sections that could Particularly Use Additions

There are quite a few topics that this meta meta resource has not covered in-depth or even at all. Any resource and meta resource recommendations for the following topics would be particularly appreciated:

  • Organizations supporting underrepresented groups in STEM. Additions can go under the eponymous page.

  • Lists of psychology and neuroscience conferences. Additions can go under the eponymous page.

  • Resources for learning free programming languages that are not currently in the Free Programming / Markup Stylesheets / etc Languages subsection, like Ruby, PHP, or Julia.

  • Experimental stimuli and online experiments. These areas aren't particularly lacking in number, but given how many experiments go on it's easy wonder just how big these two databases could grow.

  • Databases of research grants. The Opportunities section covers funding already but is tilted toward early-career opportunities. It would be great to include a free, comprehensive source for finding large grants.

  • Tools for performing meta-analyses.

  • Currently this web-book is disproportionately U.S.-centric. It would be quite helpful to more include resources from other parts of the world and in other languages, too.