Positions, Funding, Fellowships, and Recognition in only Psychology / Neuroscience

The following resources are tailored to cognitive neuroscience. As is the case for the Across Fields page, there is no current unifying resource of all these different lists, so the most sprawling coverage of opportunities in this field is a combination of the databases, like below. See the Across Fields page for more resources.

Note that this section is quite light on "awards." Ultimately many awards in the field come from scholarly societies, which are so numerous that it is quite difficult to summarize all of their awards. Instead, it is most practical to just list all or as many of these societies as possible, although in the future a project could be aggregating these societies' awards into a database. Fortunately, you can check out a running list of scholarly societies in the field in the Communities section of this website.

Also note, as is true for the Across Fields page, the columns below correspond to the level one would be at once they have taken the position or funding, not necessarily the level when they applied for it.

DatabaseUndergradPost-BacGrad StudentPostdocProfessorIndustry
Psychology Job Wiki
Open Psych Grad School and Postdoc Positions
Post-Graduate Research Jobs
Neuromatch Job Board
Paid Undergraduate Summer Research Opportunities
Summer Undergrad & Post-Bacc Programs in Cognitive Neuroscience
Behavioral Science Companies
Psychology Undergraduate Outreach Listserv
Neuroscience PhD Program Fee Waivers